1 definition by Gem Bar

1. Having a heart of gold and the endowment of Zeus.

2. Gentle and kind, yet a strong, passionate lover who enjoys Scrabble--though secretly consults dictionaries--and hates Words With Friends.

3. Dedicated to fatherhood, there is no castle too pink or no tutu too fluffy or no tea party too prissy to deter involvement with his little one.

4. A lover of suya and Panda express, skinny jeans and smedium sweaters.
5. Gray VW golf with hanging sideview mirror.
"Awww he's so Bashir with his daughter."

"OMG he's sooo Bashir in bed."

"He pulled a Bashir playing scabble."

"That car is so Bashir!"

"Maybe you should exchange that sweater, its kind of Bashir."
by Gem Bar December 04, 2012
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