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2 definitions by Geezer Butler

A young wealthy traveller who goes to developing countries dressed in the latest hiking/travel gear, backpacks,alloy water bottles and equipment.
They act like world travellers but are not and they dont spread their wealth around on their journey.

The peasant farmers local restaurant was full of flashpackers until they found out there was no wifi or air conditioning
by Geezer Butler October 29, 2010
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A person who searches for hours on 'Youtube',with the sole purpose of insulting and abusing anyone who chooses to watch and comment on minority interest videos.

Involving non-mainstream interests such as fishing,hunting,hard rock,classic hits,etc.
Different to a troll,tubewhores target minority interests only.
A:" I was reading the posts for 'Doomthrash's' latest vid,and this damn tubewhore was putting shit on everyone."

B:"Geez,they shoulda stuck to trollin' "
by Geezer Butler June 20, 2011
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