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An exclaimation stated while winding up then backhand slapping someone across the face.
Candy-"I already gave you your cut Lovey!"

Billy-"schnak!!!" (quick backhand across the face)

Billy-"I'm sorry what where you saying about my cut?"
by Geetboxrod April 17, 2008
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snot+barf=snarf: A violent expulsion of masticated food or liquid via the sinus cavity usually caused by an involuntary reaction from an external stimuli. I.e. laughter, surprise, a sneeze, etc.
I was getting ready to swallow a huge bite of my hot pocket when John exclaimed he had shit himself. Needless to say, I SNARF-ED my hot pocket with such force most of it splashed into my chocolate milk. That which was not expelled from my sinus cavity was firmly lodged behind my eyeball...heh, heh, heh...I can still smell it. It would have been a lot less painful had it been pudding.
by Geetboxrod April 17, 2008
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