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When your watching the late late toy show with your girlfriend or any girl unrelated to you and you fuck her to Ryan tubridys man face and cum all over the telly while fingering her pink pussy
Hey Leon I'm gonna do the ToyTitsbanger
With my girlfriend tonight

Oh really can I come too I can do her in the rear


ToyTitsbanger can only be done in the front and I'm sorry the is no room for you because the only exception is to stick your penis up her nose and cum till it comes out her arse and that's my job

!!! ToyTitsbanger!!!

Please publish this if you want to make people laugh otherwise you are a funfucker you fuck fun up
by Geebagurban November 29, 2019

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Ron harmann is a shortened down name for Aaron Harmann given by lawnmower galvin and is always trying to fight keelin langdon but never actually shows up
Howaya ron
Howaya lawn wheres keelin langdon today were sposed to fight
Iduno tbhhhh Ron Harmann
by Geebagurban June 29, 2019

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Just a normal guy who goes to gortnorabbey who got the nickname lawn or lawnmower galvin
Howaya lawn what's the craic
Ara nathin tbhhhh

Not too bad so lawnmower galvin
by Geebagurban June 29, 2019

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