3 definitions by Gary "the man" Busey

(N) : The person you answer to at home. This could be your mother, father, wife or girlfriend depending on your living situation.
I asked Darin if he wanted to go to lunch. His reply was “I dunno man. The homeboss has me on a strict diet. I’ll have to ask her.”
by Gary "the man" Busey August 29, 2007
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(N) : When a man nods in the general direction of another man. This can be an ambigious greeting often meaning “hello” or “whats up?”
I haven’t talked to him in a while and I didn’t want to hear about his drama so I gave him a bro nod.
by Gary "the man" Busey October 26, 2007
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(N) : A female lady friend that you may or may not have physical relations with. Often times she is wealthy, great in bed or awesome eye candy. At times she may receive actual girlfriend treatment ie flowers or she have a special dinner cooked for her.
I asked my buddy if he wanted to go get some drinks after work and he said no because he was going over to the fake girlfriend’s house to hang for a bit.
by Gary "the man" Busey October 26, 2007
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