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Used to denote an occassion when a homosexual is sexually frustrated and in need of some cock action.

Thought to have originated in Glasgow
Mike: "Hey Robbie have you seen Richie today?"

Robbie: "Yeah he is in one fucking bad mood, he definately has the cock thirst"

Mike: "I will stay clear of him or he might try and hump me"

Robbie: "I would too. He is one crazy, sex hungry, gay fucker!"
by Garry Hamilton July 07, 2006
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A hybrid of 'Spazzy' and 'ASBO' (anti social behaviour order) to refer to an action or behaviour that should be reprimanded for being idiotic (spazzy like). In certain office enviroments people are writing SPAZBO on post it's and sticking it to peoples head.
Richie you absolute tool, you have managed to fuck up that marketing campaign again. come here, you are formally being issued with a SPAZBO. (stick post it on forehead)!
by Garry Hamilton July 06, 2006
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