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A Kaleb will make you laugh , when nothing else can. A Kaleb will make your face hurt from the amount of smiling youll do. A Kaleb is the best kind of guy youll ever come across, so if youre lucky enough meet a Kaleb dont let him slip through your fingers... you probably wont find another one. They are like an endangered species in the world of men.
Girl 1: I met a Kaleb once, I trapped him and now hes my exotic pet.

Girl 2: Seriously?? Ive never even seen a Kaleb?? Can I pet him?

Girl 1: No, hes mine.
by Garlic Bread January 29, 2010

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A species mountain goat. Tends to have a penchant for rocks.
Even a 50-year-old Tollo can out-climb most humans half its age.
by garlic bread April 13, 2014

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