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An automobile on which only riders of supreme 'clutch' can ride on. You have to have either the balls to clutch on 1v5's, or the skill to pinpoint and domeblast a noob in the face. It is an Invite Only vehicle, and it can not be hacked.
koL: Gus, three tangos... 5 remaining and you're the only one left. Can you ride the clutchbus?
Rebel7163: GOOBI , teh uber cannon! you get a free ticket on the clutchbus... that was ill domeblasting on those T's!!!
by Gabor Mechtler January 21, 2008

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A guy who usually pretty much dominates everything that is set before him. A conquer of pure adrenal skill.
Person 1: I have to face this guy tonight at the LAN.
Person 2: Dude! Don't do it. He is a Gmech.
Person 3: Yea man, you seriously do not want to play that kid. He will rip you to parts.
by Gabor Mechtler June 23, 2007

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