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An online forum previously dedicated to the discussion of sci-fi related topics that has over time become visited chiefly for its fanfiction section. As of 2019 the forum has reached 34 million posts. The site in the past featured a diverse variety of users from all sides of politics until the 2016 US Election prompted the 'Great Sperg' as part of which conservative rightwing users (see 'nazi' or 'alt-right' if you're progressive) were gradually hounded, marginalized and finally purged from the site for wrongthink in the 'Great Purge' of 2019. This consigned Spacebattles to becoming just another leftwing bedwetting support group and mutual masturbation society. The future for the site remains unclear as a conservative victory in US elections in 2020 could see the forum disappear up its own asshole.
"You never go full spacebattles"
by Gabooz's Ghost July 24, 2019
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