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A person who doesn't settle for the crap HP, Dell, and Microsoft put out.
IT Guy: "I love my PC, Apple sucks"

Apple Fanboy: "Actually, Apple was the first company to sell a personal computer, and first to implement a graphical user interface and a mouse."

IT Guy: "Check out my PDA"

Apple Fan: "yea Apple was the first to sell a PDA"

IT Guy: "Check out my brown Zune"

Apple Fan: "Yea thats the Microsoft version of the iPod, its terrible, and exists only to take a chunk of the massive market apple created"

IT Guy: "Check out my Driod"

Apple Fan: "Yea, thats Motorola's version of the iPhone, notice how it looks and functions almost exactly the same as the iPhone from 3 years ago"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows Vista - its got quick search and gadgets"

Apple Fan: "Yea OSX has had that for a while"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows 7, its primary selling point is that it works"

Apple Fan: "Yea, OSX has always worked, mostly because they dont use a glitchy and bugged OS to serve as a selling point for another bugged and glitchy OS"

IT Guy: "Check out Internet Explorer"

Apple Fan: "IE is the worst browser on the market, and serves as a major hindrance for web developers"

IT Guy: "Check out my XBOX 360"

Apple Fan: "Dont those have a reported 50% failure rate."

IT Guy: "Crap, i have to go, someones windows computer is broken, BTW you're a fanboy"
by GTR42445 September 02, 2010
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