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In a heated debate, your side makes a point and then a counter-point is made by the opposing team. You dish out another point only to be countered by....nothing. If enough time goes by and no valid counter-points have been made, or nothing has even been said, then it's time for you to say, "game, set, match."

There's been over 8 seconds of silence from the opposition. You've won. Celebrate.

Synonymous with: For the Win. To school.
A: We should really replace our lightbulbs with compact florescents.

B: How much money do you think it would cost to replace these technologies, and how much e-waste would that produce?

A: This one-time thing? Compact florescents last much longer than typical lightbulbs so we'd actually be saving money and producing less e-waste.

B: ....

A: Game, Set, Match.
by GSMer May 26, 2009