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Someone who sniffs dingleberrys. Used as an insult by rednecks.
"What a dingleberry sniffer son of a gun!" used to offend someone
by GMGN April 21, 2020
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The goddess of Salve Trade. Also someone who says "owo" to much and sells children in the Swahili Coast. She has an island notorious for concealing 5 schools worth of Jihadi child soldiers and a warehouse full of illegally bought firearms. She also specialises in the distribution of class A drugs and is wanted in numerous African countries (including South Sudan and Somalia). The DEA are planning an arrest and plan on sending 4 troops of Navy soldiers to extract her from her island. The bounty on Hera is 155,000,000 Indian Rupees.
by GMGN November 14, 2020
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A term for someone who races cars.
"Look guys that guy just beat the track record! He's a real racist!"
by GMGN November 16, 2020
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