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The Lakin Hospital is the now-leveled structure that stood in an open field along WV 62. It was built circa 1924, and served as a psychiatric hospital, school, and home for colored boys until 1956. Some of the building was used for office space up until about 1970. All of the locals say that the abandoned hospital was haunted, with many of them claiming to have horrifying experiences when visiting it. Lakin was once known as the "Lobotomy Capitol of the East." They say that horrible things once went on inside of those walls. This is one of the spookiest places you would ever have seen. Too bad that as of November 2006 it has been razed. Now, the folks of Point Pleasant only have the TNT area and Mothman to freak them out.
When I visited the Lakin Hospital, I got so scared that I urinated in my pants.
by GLD Dawg December 02, 2006

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