2 definitions by GJR

An leathery old whiny woman who's extremely anal about grammar mistakes and uncool facebook statuses. Usually resembles an auntie of Rod Stewart.
Ha! You're a bloody Yac you are! I laugh in the face of Rod Stewart's auntie!
by GJR February 16, 2015
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A greek word for goddess. Zoe is a very insecure girl who tries to fit in but will get there. She has very wog looks and she drags attention for guys but tries in the wrong way. Zoe has a very masculine body shape no curves but tries to show off what she has givin. Zoes are very stuck up and awkward but will open up sometime soon. Zoes are very good to be friends with, them are funny, stupid and caring but even better to be a significant other. Zoe is a great girl but has her flaws but can work them over with around 18y/o over.
Guy1. Is that zoe?
Guy 2. Yeah can’t u tell but her body and wog face?
Guy1. She kinda hot though

Guy2. Not sure i’m stuck with your imagination
by GJR March 20, 2019
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