2 definitions by GGPixel231

Those stupid things twelve year olds text you that go something like this: (Real)

Find the face with two eyes
Find the one face with angry
Find the two mouse in the rabbits
Find the one heart red in the broken hearts

If you find all
Close your left hand (don't open)

Wish 3 wishes

Don't open your hand

They are not real and are stupid

Now send to your 20 friends

Now look at your hand
Lillian keeps sending Text Spam! It's really getting annoying
by GGPixel231 July 03, 2017
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The international flag for the LGBTQ+ Community meaning equality
I just went to a pride convention 🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈🏳️ 🌈
by GGPixel231 August 22, 2017
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