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A gaming clan that was established back in 2005 by GEN.Psychoman=TS=, SpeciaLizing people all over the world from the US and the UK. You'll know when you've been SpeciaLized by one of the =TS= members so watch out. Always recruiting awesome people. Play games including Counter-Strike Source, Battlefield, Enemy Territory Wolfenstein, Garry's Mod and Minecraft.
Player #1: OH YEAH The Specialists Clan, they rock!

=TS= Member #1: Prepare To Be SpeciaLized!

=TS= Member #1: You've Been SpeciaLized!

Player #1: DUDE OMG!!! I just got SpeciaLized!

=TS= Member #1: =TS= for life! SpeciaLized forever!
by GEN.Psychoman=TS= October 08, 2011

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