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In provence of Quebec, a traditional French-Canadian pub which serves wine and beer, (especially microbrew) along with a meal of steak, rosst beef, hamberger platters, fresh fish, etc... All at almost rediculously low prices for the quality of the meal and the superb atmosphere. They tend to be small family-run business with eccentric flair. Short form: brass
I went to a great new brass this afternoon on Ste. Catherine street, not far from the Peel Pub.

There are many brasseries to choose from in Old Montreal.
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005

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In Quebec provence, a corner news stand that may specialize in finer tobbacco products, such as cigars. Many have their own humidor.

Also common name for a news stand in a train station, bus station or Metro station that may sell finer tobbacco products like cigars, news papers and some tacky souvenirs, but is not per se a souvenir store exclusively. Similar to a Depaneur, but sells only candy bars and snacks, not staple foods like you would find in a dep.
I stopped in at the tabagerie to get myself a copy of Match magazine to help me with my french lessons.
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005

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A 1930's to 1950's (roughly)expression meaning a juke box, which was a machine usually located in diners or bars that played popular music singles on small 45 records. Most were large, streamlined, stylish speaker boxes with neon lighg bands and chrome. So called because of the company that made them, and the price of a song was a nickel.
Hey momma, lets fire up the ol' nickelodeon. I'm "In The Mood" (Popular song title of the time. Instumental "Big Band" song by Glen Miller.)
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005

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1. n. pronounced: fat-wah (From mouslim origin) A (usually) irreversable death penalty or bounty placed on an individual, especailly for betrayal of one's peers or criminal organization.

2. n. Is the ultimate punishment given to any blasphemer who intentionally or unintentionally disrespects the mouslim religion, its leading teachers,imans, moulahs, ayatolahs, or its faithful. A bounty or death sentance.
1. Yo motherfucka... You don't pay up I'm gonna put a fatwa on your sorry sick ass!

2. Salmon Rushdie--How dare you call the Qur'an a book of satanic verses? A fatwa on you, unbeliever!
by G.H. Hadden May 08, 2005

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Montreal slang for the Olympic Stadium, where the Expos baseball team and Allouettes football teams have played at various times. Also home to a large and extremely well done natural history museum. Now vacant, except for large expositions such as the Home Show. Charactorized on the Montreal skyline by the slanted concrete tower with a finicular railway running up to the top. aka: The Big Toilet Built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, but the tower was not finished until some time in the late 80's Meant to be the first stadium with a fully retractable roof, it was not fully functional until the early 90's, but the parachute and cable design proved too unreliable.
U2 will be performing at the Big O this evening.

We should've demolished the Big Toilet years ago, before it became the white elephant it is today. We're still paying for it, all these years later!
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005

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n. To give a snow job is to physically throw someone face first in deep snow or a snow bank on purpose, such that their entire face and/or head is buried. Most oftend done by children in playground, or college pranksters.

Not commonly used as a verb in this way
Person 1 "Come here you bitch" (Person 1 then throws person 2 in the sonw face first, laughing)

Person 1 "Snow Job!!"
by G.H. Hadden May 04, 2005

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