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Yet another band that MTV has attempted to shove down our throats. Speaking from a musician's standpoint and not from the standpoint of the regular MTV-watching musically-unoriented person, Fall Out Boy has very little to offer in the way of originality. Unforuneatly bands like this keep actually TALENTED bands (see Dream Theater) from gaining more popualarity. Unfortunatly, I wish everyone could see that this music is uncomplicated and the lyrics are absolutely horrible.
Society's Puppet: Fall out boy is the best band in the world!
Musician: "Your mother should have swallowed."
by G. Barr July 01, 2006
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A deceiver. Has never attended a guitar lesson in his life. Also, an embarressment to the entire music community. He uses catchy lyrics to cover up his atrocious guitar playing. He plays the all-too-common "power chord" and puts out pathetic 5 note solos. Also, bitches about The United States of America, and doesnt realize that no one is forcing him to live here.
The most untalented guitar player is billie joe armstrong.
by G. Barr June 13, 2006
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