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A common smiley face that is used for laughter

It is a common red flag to show that the person you are talking to over the internet is a total loser.

I know this, because I remember everyone on Gaia Online would use it

NOTE: it can be used with either an upper-case or lower-case x
Nerd: that's so funny im rotflmfao


lol xD
by G Z April 08, 2009

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A way to express extreme frusturation (usually in exclamation)

The repetition of fuck is supposed to give it a quadruple dose of the impact on the word
Unlucky man: aww fuck i stepped in gum

fuck these are new shoes too

i spent my whole paycheck on these things

by G Z April 07, 2009

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A bisexual robot
Robot son: Mommy, is it okay to like both robots that are male and those that are female? I mean, is it okay to be risexual?

by G Z April 07, 2009

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A person that is not of Jewish descent that has a hairdo that resembles a jewfro, or a Jewish afro.

Fewfro broken down is defined as a "fake jewfro"
Ron: Aha look at that jew over there with the massive jewfro.
James: What? Dude that's Liam. He's Catholic.
Ron: He's Catholic? Oh, then why doesn't he shave his goddamn fewfro!?
by G Z April 08, 2009

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To take a jump shot in basketball

It can be called out by the person who has possession of the ball, or in a lot of cases, it'll be yelled out by one of his/her teammates

It's synonymous with shoot the j and shoot the jay
Kobe, you're wide open, POP THE J!
by G Z April 08, 2009

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What mothers would say if they were asked how their fat, ugly daughter looked like

It's meant to mean that someone's curvy, but nowadays, it's used a lot of the time in the context of being overweight
Daughter: mom, I'm trying to go on a diet. none of the boys like me, because I'm fat.

Mother: oh sweetie, you're not fat. you're just voluptuous.
by G Z April 08, 2009

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A mysterious box of candy (can be heart-shaped) in which one never picks the actual chocolates with confidence.
Yuck! After eating the chocolate with orange filling, I'm going to have to eat another 7 or 8 of these from the box of chocolates to wash down that nasty aftertaste.
by G Z April 07, 2009

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