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What office workers use when they are being the "most productive" at their jobs.
T-roy looked at the clock and said, "Well, boys, I have two hours left to do absolutely nothing! The web don't surf itself! It's time to use up some of my Internet anytime minutes to look busy!"
by G Lo August 05, 2004

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Affliction that often affects the chronically disinterested and unmotivated.
T-roy looked at the clock and made the statement to the rest of the group at the meeting, "I'm rapidly developing an affliction of anal glaucoma. I just can't see my ass sitting here listening to you folks one more minute."
by G Lo August 16, 2004

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When a female is so unnattractive that the male anatomy actually attempts to hide itself to avoid detection.
T-roy: Tony, your girlfriend looks like Garth from Wayne's World!
Tony: So?
G-Lo: Well when she was at the bar last night, she was causing much negative schwing!
by G Lo September 21, 2004

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