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The science of either preventing revolting, dirty or otherwise objectionable people from reproducing.

Alternatively, preventing unwanted reproduction by cock-blocking lovebirds with something disgusting, most appropriately a third person's poor personal hygiene.
The ewgenics program is an advanced form of birth control that involves turning off peoples' showers until they are too smelly to consider getting close enough to make babies.
by Fuzzy Bunny July 09, 2009

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A widespread infestation of swine flu.
Yesterday I noticed I had an itchy throat and headache. Today I'm coughing up bacon bits. Must be the hamdemic.
by Fuzzy Bunny July 24, 2009

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Ink applied under the skin with a tattoo machine
Tattoo's...That stuff that crazy people, that like pain, get when bored hahaha
by Fuzzy bunny February 29, 2012

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The greatest Netrek player of all time.
GOD->ALL Mojo Riser (Rc) was kill 15.25 for Fuzzy Bunny (Fc) (plasma)
Fc->ALL Mojo Riser: Duck!
by Fuzzy Bunny March 23, 2004

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