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The act of extruselating another individual by first preparing your extruselating claw (i.e. joining your thumb and four fingers of your dominant hand as if you were an old Italian man proud of the spaghetti you just made), and then proceeding to insert said claw into the butt of your partner and searching the inside of his/her anus for pastries, particularly strudel.
Husband: Honey, I forgot to eat breakfast, would you mind coming over here for a bit of extruselation? I’m craving a nice hearty strudel.

Wife: Sure babe! I think I’ve still got a strudel or two up there from yesterday.
by FunkyFreshRhymes December 05, 2020
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"Thus Spake Zarathustra" is an extravagant way of saying, "and so it begins," by using a slightly nonsensical allusion to the nineteenth century work by German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.
"I'm not looking forward to doing that project next week."
"Me neither man."
-Teacher: "Since it may snow next week, we're going to be doing the project this week instead."
"Thus Spake Zarathustra."
by FunkyFreshRhymes February 08, 2016
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