1 definition by Frizzle Frazzle Fries <3

A girl who is a looney toon but a whole load of fun to be around, her hair usually looks like fry frazzles or popping corn but it is awesome all the same. Yandi is the funniest bean ever and has a bunch of loyal friends who stick by her side, but her ideas and statements can usually be interrupted by those around her as she is closed to people she doesn’t know well. She loves playing ROBLOX at 2 in the morning because she’s an extreme annoyer/troller, whatever you may call it. Her inspirational quote, inspired by her friend’s roblox gamer tag ‘HOHOHO_COOKIE’ is ‘Yo momma’s a hohohoe.’ Yandi is the best yan span ham can yam spam ever!!
Marko: Wow who’s that girl over there?
Dillon: That’s Yandi, she’s the the funniest girl ever!
by Frizzle Frazzle Fries <3 December 3, 2019
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