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A term often associated with a co-worker or classmate who epitomizes the qualities of a douchebag; who has the physical characteristics of a leprechaun; and whose every word uttered conjures the sound of nails on a chalkboard. The use of the word "The" in conjunction with "Boxer" is of utmost importance as it allows all parties involved to use the term as a third person reference so as to keep the target unaware of its meaning if he/she should be present when the term is being used.
Tom: So, this morning on the way to Storebux, I was talking about how you can get your coffee "ground" if you buy it from Storebux, and The Boxer was like "ehe ehe, you mean GRINDED?"

Bill: Yeah?

Tom: And I'm thinkin to myself, NO you condescending little sh!t, I said GROUND!!, like what I want to do to your face!!! Damn, I hate when The Boxer tags along.

The Boxer: Yeah, that ass!

by Freshly Tossed Dallas Salad May 27, 2008

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