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'In Real Life'
A way for WoW fags or other obsessive gamers to imply that they actually have a life to their friends online.
Gamer 1: 'Damn, gotta take out trash IRL'

Gamer 2: 'But dude, the battle's just about to start'

Gamer 1: 'I know, seriously, why doesn't my mom take it out, it's her trash!?!'

Gamer 3: 'I thought you said you were thirty...'

Gamer 1: 'I am'

Gamer 2: 'And you still live with your mom???'

Gamer 1: AFK*
by Freshbott2 May 09, 2010

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Someone who is a complete loser because they devote their lives to this game.

Not to be confused with WoW player, because ordinary players don't necessarily waste their lives on it.
John: 'I just pulled an all nighter playing WoW to get my Rogue up to level 80 before I go broke and can't renew my membership'

Ted: 'Dude you are such a WoW fag!'

John: 'You play it too!'

Ted: 'Yeah but I don't waste my life on it!'
by Freshbott2 May 09, 2010

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When you're really not in the mood to drink alcohol. Instead you just go with a glass of water, or anything non-alcoholic.
Waiter: "Would you like anything to drink, Sir?"

Customer: "Oh, I'll just have Waters On The Rocks."

Waiter: "I see."
by Freshbott2 March 31, 2011

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