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A ghetto Junior High school in the 909 consisting of teachers that are hypocrites, The students are 70% beaners, 10% Phillipino kids, 10% normal people, 5% white, 3% black, 1% other, and 1% nerds. The history teachers here are cool, but other teachers are not. The administration makes this look like a top notch school, but beware, it is actually evil. If you want to learn all about SoCal slang, speak to anyone that went to this school.
Pablo: Look at those white kids running down the street with airsoft guns.

Jose: Oh yeah they go to Ramona Junior High School and don't roll with beaners like us.
by Frenes July 12, 2011
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When someone hates a new or old installment of a series. Even if the newer/older version is superior in every way, one who has Flamstalgia will find something to complain about, and say how it doesn't compare to the version they played and loved originally.
Veteran Player: I am tired of this Modern Warfare 3 nonsense, COD 4 was the shit man.
New Player: No man Modern Warfare 3 is the king of COD, it doesn't suck. I tried COD 4, it is terrible.
Non Player: They are both very similar and you guys just have Flamstalgia.
by Frenes August 03, 2012
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