1 definition by Frenchfryapplesauce

A frat god, a lion among kittens. The big cat buys shots just to have the highest bar tab because he can. Watch out on the dance floor for his power knee slide, thigh slaps and bare chest blazing. A gentleman in the streets and a stallion in the sheets. Not many can polish off cheese fries, a chicken cheesesteak and a full pizza but for the big cat this is just a simple appetizer which is obviously washed down with a coors light, the most American of beers. The big cats veins run red and he dispises Prius driving, hemp wearing, veggie burger eating liberals.
Girl 1: Whose that guy rubbing his chest in that girls face?

Girl 2: that's the big cat.
by Frenchfryapplesauce November 13, 2015
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