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A brand of music popularized by MTV, Clear Channel Communications, and teen magazines such as Tiger Beat. It is more commonly referred to as "emo," a misnomer in actuality.

The genre's sound often contrasts nasally, melodic vocals with high-pitched screaming, with traditional pop rock chord progressions and structure for the instrumental portion. It's Good Charlotte meets Hatebreed, sometimes with a little Queen thrown in when they're feeling kinky. Lyrical subject matter is confined to teenage romance, vampire romance, and teenage vampire romance.

Arguably, the most unifying factor among Tiger Beat Screamo bands is fashion sense, which incorporates various different trends originating in suburban super-store Hot Topic. KISS facepaint and the color black are consistent staples. Fashion sense is the easiest way to distinguish Tiger Beat Screamo from MTVemo.

Bands of this genre include My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, and exactly 73% of the Victory Records catalog.
"Please don't play any Tiger Beat Screamo, you're 24 years old."
by Frankie Teardrop December 23, 2006

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