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An indian version of the chad. Typically lighter skinned and taller than most indians but not always. The chadpreet is almost always looksmaxed. They typically reside in urban areas and act different from most chads since most have to put more work in to reach high status.
That currycel finally got a nice hair cut and started dressing right. All he needs now is some elevator shoes and social skills and he's well on his way to being a chadpreet
by Frank farts June 28, 2019

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A type of male who is said to come around only once every 1000 years. A male that has fulfilled what is said to be an ancient prophecy . This is a type of fuck boy that has ascended, when you see one you know you're not dealing with an ordinary fuck boy, for they have become what we all fear most, the legendary super fuck boy. It is said that this form can only be achieved by a fuck boy who has the purest of fuck boy intentions. A fuck boy who has never felt any emotional attachment or respect towards a female. This form also increases base fuck boyishness by a factor of 50.
Person 1: Hey did you here about Trevor?

Person 2: Yeah he's seeing over a dozen women right now and he's playing all of them.
Person 1: How can he do that without getting attached to any of them?

Person 2: Didn't you hear? He's a super fuck boy.
Fuck boy The weekend
by Frank farts March 11, 2017

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