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An "incel" (aka involuntary celibate) of South Asian background (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.). A currycel is typically a facially unattractive, sub-8 manlet studying Computer Science or Biochemistry at a local state university. He is a kissless, hand-holdless virgin who naively believes that women will be twerking all over his dick the moment gets that internship at Google or is admitted to Medical School. He will probably never find true love in his life and will inevitably get thrown into an arranged marriage with some curry slut who pretends to be a virgin on their wedding night. For the currycel, it was over before it even began.
"Look at that Currycel studying for the MCAT! He honestly thinks Med School will get him laid?"
"Nah fam, the only thing he's getting is Chad's sloppy seconds in an arranged marriage. It's over for him."
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by MyNameIsKhan March 03, 2018
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