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There was a time. A time before planking. A time when the local top-hat reigned supreme. Before Tim Tebow was a glimmer in his parents' eye. A time known as the Age of Hat Tipping. It hearkens back to the days when all a man had to do was reach up and give his hat a slight tip. Whether this be in a photograph or to a friend on the other side of the street was of no concern. In a world of technology and confusion, we need something simple to remind us of the days of old. Something to restore our faith in fellow men and women alike. We need hat tipping.
Dude 1 "Hey guys, let's go planking!"

Dude 2 "No way, that's old, let's go Tebowing!"

Abraham Lincoln "Anything other than hat tipping is for school children."

Dude 1 & Dude 2 (in unison) "sweet manatees, he's right."
by Founding Father November 12, 2012
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