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The electronics capital of the world, located in Tokyo.
If you want the newest, most hip thing in electronics, Akihabara is the place to go.
by Forza Nippon April 01, 2005
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The unofficial capital of the universe.
Don't listen to what New Yorkers or Parisians tell you, Tokyo is THE only capital of the world.
by Forza Nippon July 16, 2005
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A famous district of Tokyo, known for its flashy stores and nightlife.
Ginza is the epitome of Tokyo's greatness.
by Forza Nippon August 06, 2005
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the epicenter of Tokyo, which makes it one of the epicenters of the universe.
Tokyo City Hall is located in Shinjuku.
by Forza Nippon April 23, 2005
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the third largest city in Japan, located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka, the two largest cities. A place where everybody drives a nice car because big car companies like Toyota are based there.
Nagoya is to Japan, what Detroit is to the U.S. (when it comes to cars, of course).
by Forza Nippon March 12, 2006
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New York's version of the Ginza district.
Like Tokyo, the city of New York has its own landmark district called the Times Square.
by Forza Nippon August 06, 2005
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