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Used as a synonym for The Microsoft Corporation. Windows XP SP2 is often called Windows XP Borg Edition, as it tries to assimilate all other software (or destroys it) as is the custom with the Borg. Also common with the borg, once you install 'Borg' edition, resistance is futile.
Windows XP Borg Edition f-ed up my PC, yo.

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A mispronounciation of "bregin" originating in Guam in the 1950's by a retard named Froy Layvan (later made famous by being a subject in the experiments of Dr. Frink). Layvan tripped while saying 'bregin' and it came out 'gretchin' and thencefourth said 'gretchin' in it's place. In 1954 he was moved to the US for study where the saying caught on like wildfire.
"wassup my gretchin... *thud* ... duh!"

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A mispronounciation of 'Bredrin' which is a mispronounciation of 'Bretherin'
Originating from the hobbits of middle earth, who did not have the ability to pronounce it properly. It made it's way past the humans and got passed down in the retarded villiage of Guam until we discovered it and it has made its way through the community of retarded individuals until present day.
"wassup my bregin... duh!"

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