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A gross injustice; An unfortunate state of events; Something so egregious that the word bullshit would be an understatement
Monte: Man, I was really looking forward to a beer after work but my wife just text me and said I have to go to the dirty hippie farm to pick up vegetables.

Luke: Awww man that really sucks...

Monte: That's horsepussy. I mean I could have gone on Sunday but I would have been late for the baseball game.

Luke: Which also would have been horsepussy.
by Flizzle62 May 07, 2009

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The act of fucking some random bitch (preferably in the ass) and then going home to your girlfriend and having her give you head.
Luke: Hey Chad check out that whore coming out of the bathroom, I am pretty sure she just took a shit.

Chad: You know what I am thinking?

Together: (in song)"La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha..."
by Flizzle62 July 25, 2008

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