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Emo Headquarters. Established by a then poor emo tool called Tom. He marketed the site as emo friendly. For emos by emos. It was nothing more than a site for Tom to release his (sexual) frustration on the world. Soon, after the site became an established emo gathering, the preps joined in. All hell broke lose which lead to an e-war between the emos and preps. The mighty emos defeated the preps casting them away for ever. Nowadays preps are making a comeback. It is predicted preps will become the leading demographic in 2050.
Until then, emos run myspace.
Hey josh, lets go on myspace and plan how we will further destroy music.
by Flatulent One August 18, 2006
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Letting off a loud fart in a reverberating workshop at lunch causing everyone to look at you.
Someone chocko dropped in the workshop so loud it reverberated for ever .
by Flatulent one July 26, 2012
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