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Fightstar are a post-hardcore band from London. Which consist of members Charlie Simpson, Al Westaway, Dan Haigh and Omar Abidi.

Many people don't take Fightstar seriously because of Lead singer and guitarist Charlie Simpson's previous band, Busted. Although many people don't take the band seriously, not many of them have actually taken the chance to give them a listen. Many people judge on what used to be, not what is now!

Fightstar have completed 2 incredible albums and 1 phenomonal EP - They Liked You Better When You Were Dead. The album Grand Unification (the debut) got into 28 in the charts and One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours - The sophomore album - went into the charts at 27! Regarding this, Fightstar have stated that they are not interested in Chart success!
Fan - Hey, you diss Fightstar, but you haven't even heard them right?

Immature Hater - Yes that is true. Apologies.

Fan - Well, why don't you give them a listen?

!!!NEXT DAY!!!

Immature Hater - WOW! They are amazing! I am never going to diss them again!
by FightstarFan November 10, 2007
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Charlie Simpson is the Lead Singer and Guitarist of Post-Hardcore/Metal band, Fightstar. Fightstar have released 2 albums and an EP! The albums are; Grand Unification (2005-06) and One Day Son This Will All Be Yours (2007). And the EP is; They Liked You Better When You Were Dead (2005).

Before joining Fightstar, Charlie was in a previous band, namely, Busted. In which he played the exact position he does in Fightstar now, Singer and Guitarist. Busted were a multi-million selling Pop-Rock band, that lasted for about 3 or 4 years. During those 3 or 4 years, they made 4 albums. Which are as listed;
Busted (Self Titled)
A Present For Everyone
Busted (Self Titled, USA Version)
A Ticket For Everyone

But Busted didn't just do a few albums, they did a live 'A Ticket For Everyone' DVD. Which showed them play a few songs from Busted and A Present For Everyone. And is worth getting, even if you aren't a Busted fan.

Charlie has two brothers, called, Will and Edd. Who are both in rock bands, like Charlie. Edd is in a band called Prego who apparently have released a few EP's, I'm not sure, I prefer Fightstar. And Will is in Br:gade, who have made their Debut Album (Lights) round about the same time as Fightstar released theirs, and is an incredible album! Br:gade have also made a 'Made To Wreck' EP, nearly exactly the same time Fightstar released theirs. Odd.

Charlie Simpson had to, when split from Busted, go through a lot of unnecessary shit from angry Busted fans. People always putting him down for the decision he made. As I say, it was completely unnecessary and people should have known better, not to put him through that. It wasn't just for a few weeks either, it was for nearly 3 years. Far too long. Although some of it might have helped Fightstar to be one of the greatest bands Britain has to offer.

Congratulations Fightstar. And Charlie Simpson, for that matter!

You can burn it all,
Or rally around the table,
If you want to,
Just to argue you out the last scenes of us.

You can end it all,
I'm sorry enough to tell you,
That i'm OK,
And I'm never gonna see you again

--Fightstar - Paint Your Target (Grand Unification)
Words - Charlie Simpson and Al Westaway


Somebody notice me,won't somebody notice,
I'm fading away here,
What have I got to do to make you see,
My girlfriend is a wannabe,
And she wants to be me.

--Busted - She Wants To Be Me (A Present For Everyone)
Words - Charlie Simpson, James Bourne, Matt Willis, The Matrix.
by FightstarFan December 16, 2007
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Dan Haigh is the bassist in Post-Hardcore/Metal band, Fightstar. Dan is also Al's best friend in Fightstar and went to school together. Dan has directed many Fightstar videos, and contributes greatly to the band!

Dan's birthday is December 5th. I think...

Al Westaway
Dan Haigh
Charlie Simpson
Omar Abidi
by FightstarFan December 16, 2007
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Omar Abidi is the drummer in Post-Hardcore/Metal band, Fightstar. Omar's birthday is August 15th. And is now 25.

Omar got into Fightstar when Al's girlfriend moved in with Charlie's girlfriend. Dan then knew Al from school, and so did Omar. By this time, Charlie hadn't met Dan or Omar. They all got invited to a party. So, on the drive there, They (Chaz, Dan and Al) all went in Charlie's car. Dan then thought he was pretty cool, because he had Rage Against The Machine and Sepultura CD's playing. They all then got to the party and were just jamming around, with acoustics playing, Rage Against The Machine. Charlie then saw Omar being able to play every single drum part and fill-in. And asked him to be in the band!

I think that's it, anyway...
Omar Abidi is an amazing drummer. METAL!!!
by FightstarFan December 16, 2007
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Al Westaway is the singer and guitarist in Fightstar, and shares the same position as Charlie Simpson in the band. Al was born on February 2nd, and I think he is 24, but not too sure!

Al met Charlie, and was asked to be in Fightstar when, Al's bird, moved in with Charlie's. Chaz's bird asked Al's, if he wanted to be in a band. And Al said yes. Or something along those lines. Haha!

Al Westaway
Dan Haigh
Charlie Simpson
Omar Abidi
by FightstarFan December 16, 2007
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