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Omar Abidi is the drummer in Post-Hardcore/Metal band, Fightstar. Omar's birthday is August 15th. And is now 25.

Omar got into Fightstar when Al's girlfriend moved in with Charlie's girlfriend. Dan then knew Al from school, and so did Omar. By this time, Charlie hadn't met Dan or Omar. They all got invited to a party. So, on the drive there, They (Chaz, Dan and Al) all went in Charlie's car. Dan then thought he was pretty cool, because he had Rage Against The Machine and Sepultura CD's playing. They all then got to the party and were just jamming around, with acoustics playing, Rage Against The Machine. Charlie then saw Omar being able to play every single drum part and fill-in. And asked him to be in the band!

I think that's it, anyway...
Omar Abidi is an amazing drummer. METAL!!!
by FightstarFan December 16, 2007
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