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Two definitions:
1. Originally a less boring version of thing. It follows the variation on words ending in -ing which become -inge.
This model works both with single syllable words, as in 'thing' or words with more than one syllable, such as singing, washing, shopping.
2. A term of affection for a pet or boyfriend/girlfriend etc. same as pinge
1. Thing = thinge, washing, washingeing etc.(prn.wash-in-jing) also plurals, rings = ringes.
e.g wash = washinge, shop = shoppinge etc.
2. 'My Thinge', 'My beautiful little Thinge' etc.
by Fenella May 11, 2004
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Originally a nonsense word, courteousy of 'The Goon Show'
Now, an adjective for a sexy person
1. He/she is a Splinge
2. 'Look - Splinge!'
3. To a partner 'My beautiful Splinge'
by Fenella May 11, 2004
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A derivative of 'Thinge'
A Pinge is
1.something cute, loveable and possibly small and furry. Often the said item will have eccentric qualities also.
2. A nickname used as a term of affection for a person/object that comes under that description.
A pet or a girlfriend/boyfriend could be described as 'My Pinge'etc.
by Fenella May 11, 2004
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