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Flawless actress (born Audrey Kathleen Ruston in Belgium on May 4, 1929) with a low voice and known for her incredible grace, swan neck, and enviable figure. She was double-barreled by her father to the surname Hepburn. Her family starved throughout her childhood because of lack of money due to the war, and which she put it in her head that she didn't need food to get by. She taught ballet to local girls for extra money for food. This had a lasting effect on her body for the rest of her life, she vowed to herself to never exceed 103 pounds (except when she was pregnant). Being so slim caused her to have several miscarriages but ended up having two children. She was married twice. First to Mel Ferrer and then to Andrea Dotti. She passed away in Switzerland January of '93 due to a year long battle with colon cancer. She first starred in the 1951 Broadway play Gigi and is known for many movies such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade, and My Fair Lady.
The lovely lady with huge doe eyes and perfect bone structure. Yep, That's Miss Audrey Hepburn.
by FemmmeFatale April 13, 2011
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