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Third World backyard of the United States of America. "Where America's Day Began" back between 1940 and 1980. Has become a complete toilet in the last 25 years. It is a small island that was a Spanish possession up until the time of the Spanish American War. Was taken by the Japanese during WWII - then recaptured. The post- WWII Chamorros were very supportive of the United States and the military, specifically the Marines who liberated them. But through corrupt politicians and very incompetent people pretending to know politics, Guam forced much of her only natural friend from the island - the US military (which was synonymous with Federal funding). It sports the only hospital in the United States that has not been accredited in over 25 years. GMH has a higher mortality rate than a lot of inner city hospitals and those that are out in the middle of no-where USA. Guam is frought with so many internal issues because the people who are running it are either incompetent or woefully corrupt. The island has had a job loss of a little over 700 people in a month. That is a sobering number if you look at the size of Guam and its population. FEMA has declined any further direct support for Guam as result of local politicians taking Federal Disaster funds meant for Typhoon relief (talking hundreds of thousands of US dollars). Guams 2009 crime rate has jumped severely as a result of people turning to desperate measures to eek out an existence. That coupled with a massive influx of illegal micronesians that have started "squatting" because they don't want to live in their third world islands like Chuuk, Yap, and Ponephei. Guam's educational system is currently so far behind US standards, that many of the island schools are using text books that are dated as far back as 1983. Guam is in a perpetual state of decline and disrepair. Nothing short of a complete and hostile take over by an outside entity with enough man power will be able to force a change for the better. Corruption is rampant in every facet of living including the local police and judiciary system! Don't get pulled over for a ticket - they will take your passport so you can't leave the island! "Living" on the island is a joke - you are constantly fighting just to stay ahead. And again, if you get sick...local medical care can be boiled down to even less than their local "Sirahans" - Chamorro versions of witch doctors.
Corrupt Politicians:
Current Gov. F.C.;Former Gov. C.G.,Former Gov. R.J.B. and his wife the current Congressdelegate M.B. the representative from Guam.

Countless Senators that have been sent to Federal Prisons to serve time for taking Federal funds to buy trips and personal items for themselves and family members.

Best place to look this stuff up on a regular basis for the low down on how bad things are:

Guam is a pisshole of an island with even more polluted beaches than Southern California!
by Fed up Chamorro August 25, 2009

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