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See Spide
The steek is basically a spide native to belfast wearing tracksuits with scarily bright white trainers and have a baseball cap and if they are rich enough they will have some cheapo gold chains and rings bought out of index , argos or tesco. they go out in packs feeding off the misery of their victims and then wash it down with a mix of WKD or buckfast and the cheapest cider they can find then they go out looking for fights with hippies skaters goths and normal people they sometimes fight with punks and metallers but are often far too scared of the metallers and if you fight one punk you have to fight them all spides live on their native estate the largest of which is divis tower and steeks are naturally sectarian so be careful! armed nomrally with baseball bats or hurley sticks they can be dangerous and when in their red corsas and scooters they can get to quite high speeds
did you see matt get bate by them spides they were blocked on bucky and they gave him a full fuckin beatin
by Fearon August 08, 2005

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A hilarious comic made and distributed throughout ireland by a guy called Bob Byrne
Dude have you read the "shiznit" its hilarious!!!!!!
by Fearon August 24, 2005

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