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(noun) Appertaining to cheap and/or “fun” Frankenstein costumery or masks: those which make a mockery of the iconic horror character.

(transitive verb) frankenstyled, frankenstyles, frankenstyling: Bring into existence a creation that will ultimately embarrass its creator, possibly even to their ruin.
(n) Charlie put on the garish foam-latex mask that would have us believe Victor Frankenstein constructed his monster largely out of marshmallows. “I’m Frankenstein!” he cries. Matilda pauses, then grudgingly responds, “Well, you’re …frankenstyle.”

(tr. v.) For the Ambassador’s Ball, Mimi frankenstyled her hair with large gobs of stinking earwax.
by Favfly November 10, 2016
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A portmanteau of the words 'threat' and 'treachery': as in a threat that is treacherous.
The precursor to actually treachery.

1. Threatened by betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust.
2. An indication or caveat of perfidy.
3. Potential pain, injury, evil, or punishment that arrises from treason.
A rumour has reached the King's ear that his younger brother intends to topple him from his throne... 'This is threachery!'
by Favfly August 06, 2012
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