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The act of a man having sex with a woman while she is performing a headstand. During this position his penis is inserted into her anus while the man defecates into her vagina.

This is difficult and will most likely cause his feces to enter the vagina while simultaneously dripping down her body and face like chocolate on a cake.
Last night at the orgy I saw someone doing the Upside Down Brown Cake so I played with myself performing a Sleeper Hold because it was so hot.
by FattUnit April 11, 2011

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A sexual act where a man has sex with a woman from behind who begins to vomit for any reason such as being sick and/or drunk, and he decides to continue or even pound her harder.

This causes violent, delicious contractions of the vagina, the woman to shoot projectile vomit, and the man to bust the best or at least the most interesting nut of his life.
Matt: Bro, didn't you have sex with Steph last night?

Dave: Hell yeah man.

Matt: Wasn't she drunk as shit?

Dave: Yeah, funny too, because she was hella puking while I was pumping that shit from behind and I kept going. It was AWESOME!

Matt: You got to do a Pathetic Emetic! HELL YA

**They high five**
by FattUnit May 02, 2011

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The act of a man or woman having sex while either:

A. The man tases himself right as he is climaxes which transfers the electric shock to the woman

B. The woman tases herself as the man is climaxing causing him to receive the electric shock

C. The man and woman both tase themselves as soon as one or both of them climaxes
Yeah man, the sparks were flying last night between me and that chick...especially when we did the Electric Eel. I haven't been able to get it up for a week now.
by FattUnit April 11, 2011

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