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Phrase originating from the Simpsons, used in response to fans pointing out plot holes, continuity errors, and any mistakes the animators or writers may've made.
Voice Actor: "Whenever you see something strange with continuity, a wizard did it."

Fan: "But when-"

Voice Actor: "a wizard did it."
by Fats McRobot November 16, 2004
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A joke on Gamefaq's Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Board.

It originated when one of the local trolls realized that one of the largest Pokemon (Wailord) could breed with one of the smallest (Skitty).
by Fats McRobot September 02, 2004
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Term used in anime, commonly refering to the main character, used when a character ALWAYS wins, specifically when the character pulls a victory out oh his or her ass, even when victory is impossible.

(No, really, just watch it, and you'll get it.)
by Fats McRobot August 17, 2004
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A French made cartoon that is trying to be Powerpuff Girls and anime so bad, that not even the ardiest of perverts can spank to it.

Features a Formulaic Episode structure.
1. Girl X has problem.
2. Girls get Mission.
3. Girl Y gets horribly mutilated
4. Villain exposes him/herself, usually with a mind control scheme.
5. Girls nearly get killed.
6. Girls find stop cat solution, and save the world (from some hackneyed Doomsday plot)
7. Girls go home, and Girl X comes up with a moral to solve her problem, but ends up humiliating herself.
8. You realize you wasted 22 minutes of your life.
"... I missed Ed Edd and Eddy..."
"Well, if its any consolation, it'll come back on in two hours."
"But that means sitting through Totally Spies! NOoooo!"
by Fats McRobot September 03, 2004
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