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The public enemy #1 who terrorises the City of Townsville in Powerpuff Girls Cartoon. This clever monkey is always plotting against the Powerpuff Girls by inventing new machines and is very snobbish too. Now used in everyday English:
1. To describe a person who disregards others' personal space, especially during commute.
2. A bossy person
3. To make fun of your friend who suddenly use very profound words or concepts.
1. That mojo jojo just stepped on my foot!
2. Mum's getting all mojo jojo again!
3. Girl A: my libido's down, everything's getting monotonous...
Girl B: you mojo jojo...not getting any huh...
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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A slave to the pixel, print and ideas. Dealing in anything two-dimensional, especially printed materials, anything that has to do with communicating images and text. Also dabbles across other creative industries, the most versatile and underpaid designer of them all.
I'm a graphic designer who can also do fashion, product, architecture, web, marketing, advertising, media planning, project management, event management, animation, illustration and even photography; somebody shoot me!

A: I'm a graphic designer.
B: May the Lord be with you.

A: I'm in the marketing, advertising and artistic industry, but i don't have a credit card, what am i?
B: You're a Graphic Designer!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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Money. Comes from the sound of a cash register, especially when full of coins, when it opens. Often used at the end of a sentence with an exclamation mark.
Gotta find a new job that pays more ching ching!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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A one-meal dish with egg as the main ingredient, add some cheese or milk and other desired toppings, mix well, then fry till golden brown, fold into half and serve. Originally French, now it's known internationally. Toppings can include ham, capsicums, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, etc. Extremely popular for breakfast or a light meal.
I'd die for an omelette right now!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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the best reply when you hear something bad happening to your loved one's loved one, meaning "I can feel your pain".
Best Friend A: My dog died yesterday...
Best Friend B: Oh dear...

Best Friend A: My mum just had an accident.
Best Friend B: Oh dear...what happened?
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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One of the greatest musical geniuses of UK dance music, covering several genres including Dub, Rock, Breakbeat, Ambient, Acid Jazz, etc. Originally a 3-men band: Norman Fisher-Jones, Howard Gray and Trevor Gray. They have added musicians to their recording and live performances along the way. Well-known tracks: Ain't Talkin' Bout Dub, Stop The Rock and Lost In Space (theme song of the movie of the same name). Well-respected among their peers: Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Underworld, etc.
Ain't Talkin' Bout Dub by Apollo 440 is actually a modern, smashing, dub version of Van Halen's Ain't Talkin Bout Love!
by Fat Rabbit October 16, 2006
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A snobbish person that's a thorn in your flesh and looks constipated at least 90% of the time. Usually describing the bitch or unfavourable boss's favourite female employee in the office.
That farkface just can't shut her trap, now the boss thinks i was the one who started it.

Leave that company please. Farkface will never give you a chance.
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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