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A smart,ruthless,successful and ballsy Cocaine Importer based in Miami Florida during the late nineteen seventies and ninety eighties. He used many people to help his operation and didn't take shit from anyone except his girlfriend Toni Moon. He was busted only because another cocaine importer he teamed up with got busted (Max Mermelstein.)
Jon Roberts:The government hired me to bring guns into Nicuragua to help the freedom fighters. Idecided that it would be risky to bring cocaine on their air-crafts.
Everyone he tells this to: Nuh-uh you're full of shit.
Jon Roberts: *pulls up old news paper article and baffles person/people*
by Fascinated Spirit March 20, 2013

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A drive-by style shooting done while on a boat or any other water craft. It usually happens when a person involved in the distribution of drugs lives on a water channel or and island in south florida and a person with enough balls gets on a "cigarette boat" or jet ski and sprays the entire residence to send a message to whom ever.
Steve: Did your hear about that drive-by on Star island?
Julio: Isn't that a gated community?
Steve: It is, but they did a miami drive-by.
Julio: Wow, really?
by Fascinated Spirit April 11, 2013

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The smoke produced when you smoke any strain of marijuana that is of a purple color.
Steve: hey Julio, I hot some grand daddy purple. wanna smoke it with me?
Julio: hells yeah man, Imma blow some purple clouds with this shit.
by Fascinated Spirit May 09, 2013

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