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The liquid which appears during toilet backwash. Carries with it an awful and awesome smell that can eliminate a grown man. Can often be placed into normal conversation to add hilarity unknown to bystanders.
Tramp: "Can I have a wee bite o yer sandwich?"
Lewis: "Yeah, it's a bit bumwee though. Thats a nice bumwee you've got."
Tramp: "Is yer friend takin' the piss?"


"My GOD! It smells like bumwee in here! The smell is like getting hit in the face. WITH A SHIT!"
by Farg_Meh October 09, 2006

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Used as "That's a win!" or "That's a score", the yo replacing whichever word signified victory. Often used as a more humerous way of saying "owned" in counter-strike without sounding like a noob.
{TC}Nubler Kreiger: What? I didn't even see him and he shot me!
<LOL>Nice Guy Eddie: Where's the reg?
(BoM)UnknownAtom: That's a yo!
by Farg_Meh October 29, 2006

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