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1. When the smartest student in class gives an incorrect answer, and you give the correct one, and the smartest kid in class is pwned.

2. When someone asks a question the smartest kid in class cannot answer.
1. When BT said the 16th president was George Washington, and Ba said it was Lincoln, the whole class just went, "Oooohhhh, you stumped the HOFF!"

2. Teacher: What is the deffinition of M1?
Smart Student: Uhm, large certificate of deposits over $100,000?
Teacher: WRONG!! I stumped the HOFF!
by Fanster March 21, 2007
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When the smartest kid in class is absent, no one did the homework, no one can answer the teacher's questions, and no one knows what is going on.
Crap, Brandon isn't here, and I don't understand how to find the equillibrium for the aggregate supply/ aggregate demand curve. I am hoffless and screwed.
by Fanster March 21, 2007
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an action or occurance that is totaly uncool. The exact opposite of foas .
"Man, the teacher took up my phone. That is antifoastic."
by Fanster March 07, 2007
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When you witness an extremely one-sided fight worthy of get pictures of, stills or video, on a camera phone or digital camera. The Kodiak would be the person issuing the beating.
Then she stuck that girl in the face, grabbed both sides of her head, and just kept slamming it into the wall. I wish I had my phone, because it was such a Kodiak Moment.
by Fanster March 21, 2007
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