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Someone who thinks anorexia is a lifestyle and gets help from a web community to achieve his/her goals. Used to describe the internet anorexia movement.
Person: Oh, anna looks so nice and skinny lately, what is her secret?

Friend: It's the new pro ana diet! Try to google it.
by FannyHanny October 24, 2006

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1. A type of small fish.

2. A nickname Ayumi Hamasaki gave herself. She sometimes use "Ayu" in place of "I".
1. I had fried ayu for dinner.

2. Ayumi Hamsaki could say: "Ayu has a new album coming up, it's called Secret."
by FannyHanny October 26, 2006

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The smell that comes from a fanny that hasen't been cleaned in a long time.
Prepito: "Ugh! What's this smell? Did you leave the shrimps yesterday in the living room!? Now the entire house smells!"

Prepina: "No, I forgot to use the shower."

Preito: "Then go shower and get rid of the fanny rot!"
by FannyHanny October 24, 2006

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