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Damien is a nice guy who will do anything for his boyfriend. Damiens usually are avid gamers, and enjoy spending time alone. They will do anything you ask of them and are very sweet, caring, and affectionate. They put on a silent type act, but they wish to confess their feelings. Damiens are usually bottom and you can see the glimmer in their eyes when they are happy,
Girl 1: look at that cutie, I bet he's a Damien.
Girl 2: don't get too attached, he has a boyfriend.
Girl 1: I ship it.
by Fake news ÒwÓ January 23, 2019
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A gay man that is definitively identicle to a female thot.
That boy is a real male thot.
by Fake news ÒwÓ January 24, 2019
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